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Referral Reward Terms and Conditions

 We welcome any referrals you make and will endeavour to deliver the best possible service to anyone you refer to us.

 You can choose whether you would like £50 in cash as a one off payment or 10% off your accounting fee as a token of our appreciation for passing business our way. You will need to notify your consultant if you would like cash as your choice of reward.

 If you do not notify us of this intention our systems will automatically calculate a 10% discount on your monthly fee for each person you have referred that meet the conditions described below.

 Referral discounts are applied each month to your accounting fee only if the person/people that you refer to us are paying us an accounting fee in the same period that your accounting fee is generated.

 This referral discount only applies to referrers and referred persons who are utilising our Business Support Service or Accounting Support Service.

 Should you not notify us of your option to take a cash reward until after a fee discount has already been applied, the cash that will be paid to you will be less the amount already deducted from your fee.

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